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Tommenton en la Cuarda presents: Holidays In Greece, vol. 6 - Music Is Life: Music Treasure Box

Music Treasure Box proudly presents a great compilation by our friend Jose who is the owner of “Tommenton en la Cuarda” ( ), one of the most important Spanish blogs, specializing in the music of the 1960’s.
Thank you very much Jose, your visit is a great honor for Music Is Life: Music Treasure Box....!!!
No more words from me, I’ll let Jose speak.....

“Hi there, friends of 'Music Is Life'
I am Jose from 'Tommentón en la Cuadra' and it is a pleasure to be able to be in this blog, that I like so much, and to be able to introduce you to this 6th musical visit to the Greek land. Before creating my blog I had no connection with anybody from there, but over the time I got in contact with big music lovers and we've been collaborating and helping each other, strenghtening our friendship. I've met very kind people with a big passion for music.
I've always been fighting the biggest danger for a blog: 'Boredom'. So I've tried to make it more dynamic and to collaborate with other blogs.
When I first met 'Music is Life' I was surprised by the care in the selection of posts, there were no mediocre records, all of them were pretty interesting, so I thought that it would be nice to exchange projects with Catherine.
So this is the result, as in the last volumes, a selection of garage themes with a touch of folk. I've selected them carefully and all of them have been shared in my collection 'Tommentón de la Cuadra'. There are several bands that are almost unknown but they have a great quality. I hope you enjoy this selection and I want to thank Catherine for this opportunity to be in her blog.
Greetings from Spain.


1 - The Torres - Don't You Know
2 - The Lords - On The Road Again
3 - The Paradox - There's A Flower Shop
4 - Keith Allison - Look At Me
5 - The Mor-Loks - There Goes Life
6 - The Plagues - (Clouds Send Down) Tears From My Eyes
7 - The Judges - Come On
8 - The Raggamuffins - Four Days Of Rain
9 - The Chasers - I'm Sure
10 - Cyrkle - The Words
11 - Improper Bostonians - Set You Free This Time
12 - The Vandals - My Girl
13 - The Other Two - Look Around
14 - The Mavericks - Trains
15 - The Night Crawlers - You Say
16 - The Escorts - My Only Love
17 - Electric Machine - Through Winter & Sunshine
18 - The Four Fifths - If You Still Want Me
19 - The Rovin Flames - Seven Million People
20 - The Words Of Luv - I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind
21 - Farewell



    P.S. In case you are interested these are the links to the other 5 volumes:

  2. My friend Catherine:
    It's really exciting to share the passion for music.
    I hope this serves to unite people.
    A great honor for me to appear in this blog.
    I hope you to continue our collaborations.
    Greetings from Spain

    1. My dear friend Jose,
      it's the same for me, as I really love to meet people with passion for music, especially people who love the sixties. I'm sure our friendship will be great and will last for ages!!! This is our first collaboration, but it won't be the last..... (I'm waiting for 'Holidays in Greece, vol. 235 - I'm so optimistic !!!!)
      Be well & keep digging the past!!!

  3. When I built this site certainly I could not imagine that today, three years after I was here will be commenting a post like this.
    And this is due to the love the support and the valuable help of Catherine in it.
    So I greet from my side this cooperation, thank you Jose and Catherine and I am sure this will continue in the future ... !!!

  4. Hello Catherine , how all over there ? .

    Thanks for your blog, is very interesting .

    Greeting from Canary Islands , Spain .

    Cheers .

  5. Music is Life , yes that simple . Greetings to my friends Catherine and Panagiotis .Another great and lovely 60s collection from brother Jose . Keep on rockin' and keep on diggin' !

  6. Great stuff, Thanks for uploading this kind of music.
    I would be grateful if you update the link: Vol.4

    1. Thanks for your kind words!
      Here's the link....


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